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SEOW Central MEd Mini-Campaign

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:42 pm
by Kopfdorfer
For those (interested) in participating in this project...

Practice Mission(s) Today/Tonight at 2000 hrs Atlantic (UTC-4).
Further Missions will be Saturdays at this time.
Download Pilot Kit from Dropbox here : ... it.7z?dl=0

We will be dividing Pilots (randomly) into Teams for the Campaign Tonight.

Hope to see a couple of 334th Pilots who have insomnia.


Re: SEOW Central MEd Mini-Campaign

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:14 am
by Kopfdorfer
Final Practice Mission was flown last night after random Team selection.
Still accepting pilots ( random determination as to which side you will fly ).

First ( 1 of 6 ) Mission will be next Saturday October 20 at 2000 hrs Atlantic (UTC-3)

Don't wait until the last minute - if you show up minutes before flight there will not be enough time to
make technical preparations and brief you.

Requirements :
HSFX7.0.3 with History mod , Expert mode , hakenkreuz (opt) NO OTHER MODS OF ANY KIND
Internet Explorer 11 - needed to use the Scorched Earth Mission Planner ( to get your Briefs)
Teamspeak 3
Willingness to Teach and/or Learn
Willingness to contribute in a TEAM context

Team Rosters

RED Team (Allies) BLUE Team (Axis)
11th~Frog (CMD) Emmett Grogan (CMD)
_AH_Zod (CMD) Bowie (CMD)

Beebop =VARP=Thor (Technical Advice)
_AH_Stubs =VARP=Kroat
BH_Grant Badbill
[HVY]Jimmy MDS1
Surly Tolwyn
Kopfdorfer (ADM) 334th Jon

Hope to see a few more 334th bodies drift in.