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Post by 334th_Padre » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:59 pm

Due to the ridiculous number of spammers registering on our site, we have today changed the registration process.

ALL new registrations must go through the following process, or your account will NOT be activated.

1 - Sign up for an account on the forum. If you are a 334th Member or are joining the squadron, your username will need to show your 334th callsign. If you are a regular user and join the squadron at a later date, we can edit your username then if required.

2 - You must answer the question to pass human verification.

3 - Admins will then review your registration and either approve or deny your registration. Please be patient while your registration is reviewed and your email address is checked against various ANTI SPAM email address registers.

All registrations which fail to follow this process will be ignored or dismissed.
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