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Post by 334th_Padre » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:11 am

The 334th is an active Squadron in the Flight Sim community.

Our pilots usually wear the squadron tags "334th_" before their callsign.

Members can be found flying in IL2 1946 almost daily. Our members can frequently be found in game servers on Hyperlobby, although some do direct connect to game servers.
Servers where our members can be seen include Battlefields1 & 2, Aces Over Europe, Spits vs 109's and Spits vs 109's HSFX.
We also take part in SEOW campaigns, and currently have 2 flights operating in SEOW Italy 1943/44, hosted by VARP.

Members are also highly active in IL2 Cliffs of Dover. We have opened up a wing there and are starting to gain vast amounts of knowledge of flying there. We can usually be found on the ATAG AXIS and ALLIES full real server, but also venture into LEAD FARM BLITZ and DANGER DOGS servers, especially when flying with pilots newer to the sim so as not to throw them in the deep end.

We're continually looking to expand our ranks.
If you'd like all the fun of joining in on squadron activities with no commitment, we'd like to hear from you.
Get in touch by visiting the RECRUITMENT OFFICE

Our experienced members also offer training should you wish to benefit from some past earned experience and progress through the ranks of the squadron. We can help you become profficient with the aircraft you fly, and maintain pilot records to show profficiency in areas such as carrier takeoff and landing, level bombing, dogfighting or flying multi-engined aircraft.
We have a Bomber wing as well as a Fighter wing, so are able to instruct with everything from a single engine fighter, right up to a beastly 4-engined B-29 Super-fortress and we are level bombing experts taking you to heights of 30,000ft+ to hit your targets on the button.

Come and say hello, we always welcome new friends .... or foes 8-)

See you in the skies!

Maj 334th_Padre
Squadron XO

Per Ardua Ad Astra