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Post by 334th_Padre » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:56 am

334th is a highly active online squadron.

We host training every week and have matches with other squadrons on a regular basis.
We would welcome new members to our squadron to enhance our numbers, and are willing to take inexperienced players, as well as seasoned veterans who might be looking for a new home.

We have a documented pilot training program, and members can progress through that, and eventually be the instructor training new pilots. We keep dedicated pilot records, and have an awards and rank structure in place to complement that. We can train you from basic flight procedure, through to communication, combat, wingman, pair leader, flight leader, and help you learn different types of aircraft and how they perform.

If all that sounds a little boring, it may seem that way but I guarantee there will be some mishaps and general plonking along the way which at times has your sides splitting.


So ... If you are interested in joining the 334th, the first step is to REGISTER on our site or join us in FACEBOOK.

Once you have registered or joined the group, make a post.

There are NO COMMITMENTS other than having exclusive membership of the squadron, and wearing nametags indicating membership of the squadron while flying.
Whilst that is the case, we do actively encourage members to fly together, work together, and to join in on squadron events such as Squad Matches, Campaigns and other events where time permits. We would like all pilots to progress through our pilot training, this will help them to become a more effective part of a team during competitive flying with the squadron.

Members of the squadron are required to have a HEADSET and use of teamspeak 3 voice comminications program. Please see the relevant thread for connection details.
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