SEOW Commander's Workshop

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SEOW Commander's Workshop

Post by Kopfdorfer » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:51 pm

Hey Guys,
Just a heads up for an event I will be hosting.

SEOW Commander’s Workshop

When ?
Saturday 25 August and Saturday 1 Sept 1900 hrs – 2100 hrs Atlantic (UDT -3)

Where ? We will meet on Teamspeak.
Contact me (Kopfdorfer) at SAS , M4T , SEOWHQ , or Aces High Forum
for IP and Password

In order to broaden the understanding of the IL2 Community as to what SEOW is , and why it is (in my opinion) the absolute culmination of all the elements that IL2 has to offer , I will be hosting a workshop over 2 successive Saturdays on the Scorched Earth Mission Planner (SEMP) – what it is and how to use it to generate dynamic and related Cooperative Missions.

The workshop will be a cooperative environment where the group will learn the following :
1) Components of the SEOW System (SEDB , SEMP , SEDCS)
2) How to design a Scorched Earth campaign
3) How to initialize a Scorched Earth campaign template
4) How to access the SEMP
5) How to Add forces to an existing campaign template
6) How to set objectives , historical context for a campaign in the SEMP
7) How to plot movements of aircraft , ships , and ground forces in the SEMP
How to plot escort , ground attack , CAP , recon , transport , supply drop missions for aircraft
8) How to form , name and plot movements for Task Forces
9) How to generate an IL2 Coop Mission using the SEMP
10) How to run a mission generated by the SEMP
11) How to enter a Pilot Report following a mission
12) How to analyze the results of the SE Coop mission once flown
13) How the mission analysis results are reflected in the SEMP for the next mission

What do you need to participate ?
Interestingly enough , to be fully involved as a commander in an SEOW campaign , you needn’t even have IL2 installed on your PC. You may treat the MP as a command map , and order your forces only through the SEMP.
You will need a host and pilots with HSFX7 installed to resolve your battles using the IL2 HSFX7 engine.

You will need Teamspeak 3 installed and working.
( I recommend version 3.1.8 - NO LATER ) .

You will need a functioning instance of the Windows Explorer v11 browser
– SEOW was written to be used with Explorer. While other browsers may be made to work , I am not an expert , and will not use time intended for the workshop to sort out browser issues for other browsers.

If you are interested in participating , please DO NOT SHOW UP EXPECTING HELP GETTING TS and Explorer working. I don’t want to waste the time of those showing up for the SEOW Workshop on setting up these fundamental tools.
If you know you want to participate , and need assistance setting up , contact me by pm to set up WELL IN ADVANCE of the workshop dates , or go to SEOWHQ and inquire for help there.

I am not an SEOW expert , but I am a strong proponent. There will be questions that I cannot answer. My goal in this workshop is not to solve every technical question that may arise
( though I will do my best to do so ) ; it is to show some of the many ways in which SEOW uses the maximum of what IL2 has to offer the online pilot and military simmer.

For the best technical assistance , I recommend asking questions at the following places :
Derriers Loisirs :
Virtual Air Regiment Phoenix (SEOW thread) :

I really hope to hear a few new voices for this workshop.
You haven’t experienced the ultimate in IL2 until you have flown an SEOW Campaign.



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Re: SEOW Commander's Workshop

Post by Kopfdorfer » Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:22 pm

Just a reminder of the Workshop Tomorrow evening.
See the post above for details.
All welcome.


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Re: SEOW Commander's Workshop

Post by 334th_Padre » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:25 pm

Hi Kopfdorfer.

Apologies for the lack of response you are getting here.

We're finding it increasingly difficult to get people to go on on the forums here.
Literally all of our day to day communication is happening on our facebook page HERE, which is enjoying high levels of responsiveness to posts while it is literally dead here.

As much as I have tried to get people to come here, we're going to have to accept that we have to move with the times and use social media as opposed to forums.
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