Genuine Memphis Belle Nose Art - exclusive download

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Genuine Memphis Belle Nose Art - exclusive download

Post by 334th_Padre » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:49 am


Here is my genuine Memphis Belle Nose Art.

Nose art is available on numerous IL2 sites to replicate the famous B-17 Memphis Belle, touted inaccurately as the first crew to survive a complete tour of ops in the 8th Air Force WW2. The problem with the other nose art available is that it replicates the nose art shown in the Hollywood movie of the same name, which is not historically accurate (what a surprise). I've found imagery of the genuine nose art and carefully crafted it into a nose art file for IL2 1946.
Memphis Belle Nose Art from the Hollywood Film
movie memphis-belle.jpg
Genuine Memphis Belle Nose Art
real memphis belle.jpg
Image courtesy of National Public Radio Inc. (US)
As you can see, the text is quite different, and the photo of the aircraft from the movie isn't really showing the Belle's bathing suit colours in all that good a light in the image above.
Anyway .... I'm a bit of a stickler for being as historically accurate as possible, so decided to create my own. Previously this download has only been avaiable to members of our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Screenshots of the genuine Nose Art from IL2 1946
memphis belle left.jpg
memphis belle right.jpg
Unfortunately IL2 1946 does not place the Nose Art in the correct place on the aircraft, so thats just something we'll have to live with. At least it's now of genuine design.

Download my Nose Art file HERE
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