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Welcome to the forums of the 334th Eagle Squadron.

We are a group of people from all around the world who fly together in flight simulators in the World War 2 era and beyond. They include, but are not limited to, IL2 1946, IL2 Cliffs of Dover, IL2 Battle of Stalingrad, DCS and War Thunder.

We take our name in the virtual skies from the real 334th FS as a tribute to the brave men who fought as part of the RAF and USAAF Eagle's Squadrons in WW2.

This site is a place where we share information about the simulators, official patches, mods, and extras to get the most we can out of our experience. We also use the forums to announce, plan and co-ordinate events where we can fly together (which we actively encourage), because working as a team is usually more effective and more fun than flying by yourself. Our experienced members have an array of skills in different disciplines, which we can call upon to help those less or partially experienced users develop their skills so they can become more proficcient with the planes they fly.

We also share information and anecdotes on aviation, the military, both past, present and future, and also find time to have a laugh and a joke with each other.

If you have an interest in these simulators, or are looking for an active Squadron to join, then you should find our site useful, and a good place to get the most from your experience. We also have a heritage section where we share information about the real 334th and the 4th fighter group, so if you have an interest in history, we hope you'll find our site a good resource.

Unregistered visitors to the site will be able to view our public forum discussion areas, but you must be a registered user to view attachments such as images and video, post in the forums, reply, share links and access downloads.

Registered Users can see all pubic areas, view content such as video and images, can post new discussions, reply, share links, access downloads, access our site messaging system,

Squadron members have full access to the forum and the wealth of information that goes with it. We administrate, plan and discuss squadron related matters in these areas. Full access will be granted to those who choose to join and are fully accepted into our squadron.

If you would like to have a chat with our members or are interested in joining the squadron, please see the relevant post in the Guardroom,

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