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TWC Tactical Server

Post by TWC_Fatal_Error » Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:09 pm

Each server has its own unique properties as decided by the admin of the server or those who spent countless hours designing and coding the server for players to enjoy. Currently the active net code has some issues that Team Fusion are working on so large player amounts along with heavy AI numbers makes for rubber banding along with poor frame rates and this in itself has caused some servers not to be ready for heavy use.

Our TWC Tactical Server is a prime example of a Dynamic server and it is currently down until the net code is patched. Here is what you can expect from the server when it returns.

Dynamic front lines: If you meet the 6 hours of objectives or if your team reaches a point goal in 6 hours then the server will reset and the lines will have moved south if you are german if you are english they will remain the same (hoping to hold what you have).

Airfields are targets: 100% destroyable and if the lines move over them then they are destroyed but captured and will slowly repair themselves in a 6 hour time.
Bombing an airfield leaves craters for 6 hours that the enemy has to avoid. These craters are exactly where you dropped your bombs not made up holes in the runway or in the field they are where you dropped your bombs.

Industrial targets: Each area has industrial targets as many as 300 different targets on both sides. Artificial intelligence raids are attacking these targets.
Every hour at the top of the hour, a raid is launched to attack a designated area on the red and one on the blue side.This raid may be just 3 stukas or it may be 36 ju 88's escorted by 50 109's depending on the value of the target. The computer decides the strength of the raid as well as the escort number.
This also happens on the red side every hour on the hour a new target is selected at random and attacked by Wellingtons, Blennies, Sunderlands or Hurricanes. Each of these raids could completely knock out a target or it could cause any amount of damage to be added to the point total for the side doing the damage!

Oh i forgot to mention drop your bombs on friendly territory or civilian areas and your team will be penalized points so watch what you bomb. Tanks and Vehicles in your territory that are enemy will not count against you but hit your tanks and it will so identify your targets.

Ground and Ship Convoys: Once an hour convoys leave a destination to arrive at a destination for both sides. These convoys carry valuable supplies to replenish damaged airfields or goods like ammunition or fuel to front line areas or are raids by tanks and support vehicles to capture an objective (like an Airfield). If you destroy the convoy your side gets added points and the enemy is shorted these services that matter in the overall scenerio. once again all convoys are computer controlled as to destination and purpose.

The briefing changes: to alert you of suspected enemy activity whenever a ground convoy or ship convoy is spotted and gives you a general description and area to find the targets which will be moving and heavily defended by AAA.

Trains are random and travel at different times for each side again computer controlled as to origin and destination but they are valuable targets with AAA along the train route as well as random aircover in the area.

Each side has random air cover flying until fuel runs low and then it leaves the area only to be replaced again by the AI strength and number to be decided on target area and value of targets located in the area.

This is a tactical server and your decisions make the server move one way or the other but just the AI will play itself with AI hurricanes defending against raids that come into the area as well as 109's attacking and defending valuable targets on the north side of the somme. So a dog fight server it can be but you wont make a difference unless you worry about all the targets on the map and have a plan.

Hope to have the server back up soon as the patches come out. <S> Fatal

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Re: TWC Tactical Server

Post by 334th_Eddie » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:21 pm

Sounds great, looking forward to giving it a go.

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Re: TWC Tactical Server

Post by 334th_Padre » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:30 pm

We've been flying in a few different servers recently Eddie having a look at what the community offers.

We've been in TWC's Mission and Tactical servers, as well as Warbirds.
There's some good servers out there other than ATAG's
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